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Shop Classes*

Our new shop classes provide a nonjudgmental environment to build self-confidence and offer up to three supervisory staff depending on size. These classes encourage individuals to try a tool, with guidance and supervision, before declaring they do not feel comfortable using it. We merely ask individuals to be honest.

Great for all ages, these informal classes allow individuals to get hands-on experience with common power (and non-power) tools for further learning and to build confidence to master their own DIY projects.
Perfect for both parents and young ones, these classes allow parents to learn alongside their children and ofter supervision during and after. These classes are a great way to introduce the whole family to tools they may need/want in the future without buying rarely used items. Plus, it's quality time away from glowing screens.
Wedding Decor Finishing
These classes are designed for the wedding party to finish any of our DIY products at our studio using our tools and materials. Great for groups without the tools or space to make a mess.

    *All shop classes require a signed release of liability and payment prior to scheduling.