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About Blackmer Studios

Blackmer Studios began in 1996 offering graphic design services and expanded to include web design/development over the years. After decades in front of a computer, we've been yearning to stretch our talents (and bodies) to make more tangible creations.

So, we’re bridging our creative experience with modern machinery such as computer controlled cutting machines and laser engravers to build beautifully unique creations... made with a passion for all things from the heart.

Our current location, just south of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, offers 1200 square feet of play space with ample storage for all our reclaimed materials and finds such as logs, scrap metal, and even the occasional mailbox or leather chair. Our small group of artists and collaborators find new purpose for these treasures while helping to reduce the ever increasing inflow to our landfills.

So, before you purchase that next foreign made trinket, contact us with your desires to create that amazing “thing” you’ve always dreamt about. Together, let’s make it a reality.