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Tucson Bridal Expo

It's not everyday that we get to be apart of a Bridal Expo but when we are, we have FUN!! Over 2,000 participants came to Tucson Bridal Expo at the El Conquistador to find the answers to their dreams, to explore the possibility of new ideas, and to see what products Blackmer Studios had to offer. 

After a lot of last minute preparation (we all know what that's like) the day and night before, we were able to provide a variety of personalized items for display. The best part of this event wasn't just that we were able to promote our innovative product lines, but it was also the MANY excitement and light bulb moments attendees had when they realized we could make next to anything for their special day! 

We look forward to more Bridal Expo adventures and if you, your sister, or best friend is planning their special day or event, contact us

Here, Ryan acts out his best Vanna White with our awesome logo on repurposed wood. The story behind this at the expo? We joked throughout the entire day that we would be responsible for taking out the curtain dividers of all the booths in our entire row if the sign swayed the least bit, especially considering it was being held up by nothing but hooks.

Can you spot the oddity in this photo? If you guessed the red "Nuka Cola" bottle top, you found it. You aren't the only one, for one attendant this was the best piece in the booth. She explicitly said, "I don't care about anything else in this booth, is that Nuka Cola sign for sale?" It wasn't, but she was reassured that another one could be made.

Products ranged from wooden invitations, marquee letters, table numbers, to ring bearer props and many more. An attendee thought it would be cute if her tiny dog was big enough to carry the holder and rings down the aisle. She was thrilled to know her dog didn't have to get bigger because one could be made specific to her pet.  

Can't find that special piece for the food table at the reception or need some additional lighting? It's hard to visualize here, but the candle holder has the bride and grooms names engraved alongside their wedding date.

You should have seen the eyes widen when we shared that we could make these oversized letters as large as eight feet!!

The "B" and "K" is an example of alternate registries we have available and was signed with Well Wishes for the bride and groom by fellow expo vendors and visitors (pictured below).


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